We are Katrin and Matthieu, a french-austrian couple:

Katrin, 28 years, the austrian half of our couple. She is born and has grown between mountains and fields. Already very young she climbed many summits with her parents. At the age of 19 she wants to discover the world and moves to Geneva, first as an au-pair girl to learn French and then to study economics and to work.


Matthieu, 30 years, the french half of our couple. Born in Tours in the center of France, he soon went out into the world. At the age of 20, he left to study architecture in Brussels, in 2014 he did an exchange year in Grenade and in 2016 he starts his career in Barcelona. In 2017, he arrives in Geneva with his bike and his bags in the rain, for new professional expériences and to discover the Alps. 


A weekend in the mountains in 2018 changes everything: Somewhere in the French Alps, Katrin and Matthieu meet at a weekend in a mountain hut organized by mutual friends. In the beginning, they only exchanged a few shy glances, later they had lively discussions about their common interests – sports and travelling. Then comes a second meeting a few months later – do you believe in love at second sight? We do!