Buenos Aires, Argentina

At first, Buenos Aires scared us a bit: so much traffic, noise, people… It was complicated to find our place, especially on a bike. But as the days and meetings with locals went by, we began to love this city. The old restaurants, a mixture of Parisian and Italian style, the large parks in the north of the city, the markets and the small shops that allow you to find everything… We are very happy to have stopped in this city, at first a little scary, but finally very charming!

What we liked best about Buenos Aires:

  • Feria de San Telmo, a market of antiques mainly, but you can also find art, clothes, and especially see Tango dancers and Argentine musicians
  • A boat ride in the Rio de la Plata delta
  • Eat a bandiola sandwich (a kind of burger with pork inside) at the Puerto Madero, at one of the small stands in front of the Reserva ecologica
  • A walk in the Reserva ecologica and to the banks of the Rio de la Plata
  • A bike tour to the Parque de los Ninos and the Paseo costanero norte

To see our pictures:

Buenos Aires

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