Arrival in South America!!

The journey was not easy, first to get everything on the train, an almost sleepless night at the airport, and when we tried to check in the bikes, we noticed that we forgot to let out the air of the tyres (we had everything so well packed)…. We reopen the boxes, repack everything, luckily the American Airlines staff were patient and even helped us with a roll of tape.
We do a first 10-hour flight to Dallas in the USA, 5 hours waiting time and another 10-hour flight to Buenos Aires….. Time can pass by so slowly….. The only occupation was to watch how the suitcases were mistreated while loading and unloading the airplanes….. “Hey Matthieu, but those are our bicycles on the car there, have you seen the boxes? They already look terrible!” In what condition will we get our bikes back?
Arrived at the airport of Buenos Aires we pick up everything, the boxes are torn at the corners and large pieces of tape of the “Homeland Security” of the USA stuck on it…. They searched our boxes in Dallas. No wonder that the packaging is torn from all sides…. But before we inspect everything, we load everything into a taxi to get away from the airport (there is only a highway to the airport, and we want to avoid being run over on the first day of our trip…). The taxi drives us to Plaza del Congreso in the center, ideal to reassemble the bicycles….. After 2 hours of work, what a surprise, everything works perfectly and we didn’t even have to worry about the garbage! While we were busy, 2 young people took our boxes and a lady took the suitcases we wanted to throw away (already very broken and without wheels), and she even gave us 100 pesos (ok, it’s not even worth 2 euros, but the gesture is nice because we already told her that we throw away the suitcases, and it was our first Argentinean pesos)…..
We enjoyed the sun to have a look at the harbour. At the same time we book a ferry for the next day…. Uruguay, we are coming, Buenos Aires, we are coming back soon!

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