A new border, Ecuador

Km 15 211

The last few days in Ecuador went by quickly and apart from crossing the equatorial line and visiting a beautiful waterfall, it was an unremarkable trip. It must also be said that we were approaching the border with Colombia with impatience and a little anxiety. During a call with the ministry of migration from Ecuador, we were assured that there should be no problem to get out of the country, even if the land borders are still closed. We wanted to believe it, but the refusal of the last border (Peru/Ecuador) was still too present. The closer we got to the border, the more nervous we became. When we finally got there, a woman took our passports and disappeared towards the Colombian border. She didn’t refuse immediately, which reassured us a little bit. After 10 minutes she came back and told us it was ok. She registered our departure from Ecuador and stamped our passports, then accompanied us directly to the Colombian border guards. Entering Colombia was even easier than leaving Ecuador. They checked our “check mig”, the summary of a form we had to fill out online, and then stamped our passports. The military were all very nice and asked us a lot of questions about our trip. It seemed like they were happy to see us, it must have been a long time since any tourists had come through here. And we were even happier to finally be in Colombia, since we always had seen this country far ahead of us on the map. Here we are in our last South American country!

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A new border

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